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Hurricane Window Replacement Hawthorne FL

Hurricane Windows

Hurricane windows, also known as storm or impact windows, are engineered to withstand the fierce winds and flying debris characteristic of hurricanes. The secret to their strength lies in their construction: a sturdy frame supports two layers of glass bonded with a resilient plastic film. This design ensures that even if the outer glass layer cracks, the shattered pieces remain attached to the film, effectively preventing external elements from entering your property. Our hurricane windows are not just robust; they meet strict industry standards for impact resistance, offering you the utmost confidence in their protective capabilities.


Where to install Hurricane Windows?

In Hawthorne, FL, it’s wise to equip your entire property with hurricane windows for comprehensive protection. Priority should be given to areas most vulnerable to direct wind and debris impact, particularly windows facing the direction from which storms typically approach. By strategically installing hurricane windows throughout your property, you can ensure maximum safety and peace of mind during the hurricane season.

Why Hurricane Window Installation Is For You

Superior Safety and Security

The primary advantage of hurricane windows is their ability to offer unparalleled safety and security. They act as a shield against the high-velocity winds and airborne debris typical of hurricanes, safeguarding your family and possessions inside.

Energy Efficiency and Comfort

Beyond protection, our hurricane windows contribute significantly to energy efficiency. Their insulating properties help maintain a consistent indoor temperature, leading to decreased energy usage and lower utility bills. This means enhanced comfort inside your home or business throughout the year.

Enhanced Property Value

Installing hurricane windows is an investment that pays off by boosting the value of your property. These windows are a sought-after feature for potential buyers, highlighting the dual benefits of safety and energy savings. Additionally, they add a modern, well-maintained appearance to your property, making it stand out in the Hawthorne real estate market.


The Frame Materials You Consider When Choosing Hurricane Replacement Windows in Hawthorne


Hurricane Window Aluminum Frames

In Hawthorne, FL, aluminum frames are a top pick for hurricane windows. Their robust nature makes them ideal for withstanding harsh weather, crucial in hurricane-prone areas. These frames are strong and light, easing the installation process. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, ensuring longevity with minimal upkeep. The sleek design of aluminum frames suits contemporary homes, offering a modern aesthetic.

Hurricane Window Vinyl Frames

Vinyl frames are favored in Hawthorne for their exceptional energy efficiency. They play a vital role in maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures year-round, which can lead to significant savings on energy bills. Besides their thermal benefits, vinyl frames are robust enough to endure the rigors of stormy weather. Their low maintenance requirements, resistance to fading, and durability make them a practical and economical choice for local homeowners.

Hurricane Window Composite Frames

In Hawthorne, composite frames are becoming increasingly popular due to their hybrid nature, combining elements like wood and plastic. This blend results in frames that are as sturdy as wood yet as low-maintenance as plastic. They stand up well to moisture, preventing rot and warp, a significant advantage in Florida's humid climate. Composite frames offer a range of styles and colors, including options that mimic the look of natural wood, making them adaptable to various home designs.

Hurricane Window Wood Frames

Wood frames bring timeless elegance to hurricane windows in Hawthorne homes. Their natural beauty and inherent strength make them a preferred choice. These frames provide excellent insulation, contributing to a cozy home environment. To preserve their condition, wood frames require regular maintenance, like painting or sealing, which is especially important in humid climates. They are an excellent option for those looking to blend classic aesthetics with functional resilience.

Hurricane Window Fiberglass Frames

Fiberglass frames are among the most durable choices for hurricane windows in Hawthorne. Constructed from a blend of glass fibers and resin, these frames withstand extreme weather conditions without succumbing to wear and tear. Their energy efficiency is a bonus, helping to keep indoor temperatures consistent. Requiring minimal maintenance, fiberglass frames are an ideal, long-lasting solution for homeowners seeking a reliable and hassle-free option.

Hawthorne Hurricane Replacement Windows: Resilient Shields Against Storms

Laminated Glass Construction

In Hawthorne, our hurricane windows are built with laminated glass for maximum safety. This glass is made of two sheets bonded with a durable plastic layer. The design ensures that if the glass breaks, it stays attached to the plastic, protecting homes from wind and debris.

Tempered Glass vs. Standard Glass

Our hurricane windows in Hawthorne use tempered glass rather than standard glass. Tempered glass is stronger and breaks into small, blunt pieces, enhancing safety. This choice is especially important in storm-prone areas like Hawthorne, offering residents peace of mind.

Thickness of the Glass and Interlayer

The effectiveness of our hurricane windows in Hawthorne comes from the thickness of the glass and the interlayer's thickness. Thicker glass combined with a robust interlayer can withstand intense winds and flying debris. This dual-thickness approach is crucial for keeping homes safe during powerful storms.

Tinted or Coated Glass for Additional Protection

We also provide tinted or coated glass options for our Hawthorne hurricane windows. These coatings can block harmful UV rays and help control indoor temperatures. Besides their weather-resistant properties, they add an extra layer of protection against the elements, suitable for Hawthorne's weather challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hurricane Windows

Hurricane windows offer excellent sound reduction properties. Their thick, multi-layered construction significantly reduces outdoor noise, making them an effective solution for homes in noisy environments as well as storm-prone areas. By creating a more sound-controlled environment, these windows improve the overall comfort of your home.

Hurricane windows are considered a worthwhile investment, particularly in areas prone to severe weather. They offer enhanced protection against storms, improve energy efficiency, reduce noise pollution, and increase the value of your property. While the initial cost may be higher than standard windows, the long-term benefits, including potential savings on energy bills and insurance premiums, make them a cost-effective choice.

Hurricane windows do not require extensive special maintenance. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is sufficient to keep them in good condition. It’s also important to inspect the seals and the frame periodically to ensure they remain intact and functional. Properly maintained hurricane windows can remain effective for many years.

Hurricane windows are designed to protect homes during storms by resisting high winds and impacts from flying debris. Their laminated glass construction, featuring a strong plastic interlayer between two glass panes, ensures that even if the glass breaks, it remains attached to the interlayer, preventing wind and debris from entering the home. The reinforced frames add to this protection, offering a robust barrier against the elements.

Yes, hurricane windows come in a variety of styles and can be customized to fit the aesthetic of any home. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and frame materials, such as aluminum, vinyl, wood, and more. This flexibility allows homeowners to choose windows that not only provide safety but also complement the look of their home.

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