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Awning Windows

Awning windows, hinged at the top and opening outward from the bottom, create an inviting ambiance while offering exceptional functionality. Awning windows are specially designed for easy operation and durability, requiring minimal maintenance. Their versatility in design makes them a top choice for those who value both aesthetics and performance in their window solutions.

Where to install Awning Windows?

Awning windows excel in areas where you want both privacy and natural light. They are perfect for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, which can be placed higher on walls to provide ventilation and light while maintaining privacy. In commercial buildings, these windows add a modern touch to offices and meeting areas, offering controlled ventilation without compromising on style or functionality.


Why Awning Windows Installation Is For You

Weather-Resistant Window Design

A standout feature of awning windows is their ability to keep the elements out while letting fresh air in. Their unique opening mechanism prevents rain from entering, making them an ideal solution for the varied weather in Hawthorne. Enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your indoors, regardless of the weather.

Increased Room Ventilation

Awning windows are a game-changer when it comes to enhancing airflow in your space. The ability to open these windows at various angles allows you to harness natural breezes, significantly improving the air quality inside your home or business. This is particularly beneficial in the Hawthorne climate, providing a breath of fresh air throughout the year.

Security and Energy Efficiency

Awning windows from Hawthorne Windows and Doors incorporate robust locking systems for enhanced security, giving you peace of mind. Moreover, their efficient sealing, when closed, helps maintain a constant indoor environment, leading to lower energy bills. This combination of security and energy efficiency makes them a wise choice for any property owner in Hawthorne.


The Best Awning Window Replacement Materials

Hawthorne Windows and Doors is dedicated to providing top-tier awning window solutions tailored to the unique needs of Hawthorne, FL residents. Our commitment to quality, coupled with our expert guidance, ensures that you choose the best materials for your home or business. 


Vinyl Awning Windows

In Hawthorne, FL, vinyl awning windows from Hawthorne Windows and Doors are a standout choice. These windows, crafted from durable PVC, are known for their cost-effectiveness and minimal upkeep. They resist fading and do not require painting, making them a practical option for busy homeowners. With excellent insulation properties, they help maintain a comfortable indoor climate, which is crucial in Hawthorne's varied weather.

Wood Awning Windows

Wood awning windows offer a timeless elegance to any Hawthorne property. Made from high-quality timber, they add a warm, natural aesthetic. Their ability to be painted or stained allows for customization to match any home decor. Wood windows provide superior insulation, though they do require more care, including regular painting or staining to preserve their appearance and longevity.

Aluminum Awning Windows

Aluminum awning windows, available at Hawthorne Windows and Doors, offer a robust and sleek option. Made from metal, they stand up well to the Floridian climate, resisting corrosion and warping. These windows are low in maintenance and available in various colors and finishes, allowing for versatility in design. They're also eco-friendly, being fully recyclable.

Fiberglass Awning Windows

Fiberglass awning windows are known for their resilience and long-lasting performance. Constructed from a blend of glass fibers and resin, these windows resist warping, rotting, and rusting, making them a durable choice for Hawthorne homes. They offer excellent insulation, aiding in energy efficiency, and can be painted for a personalized touch.

Composite Awning Windows

Composite awning windows, a combination of wood fibers and plastic, offer the aesthetic appeal of wood without intensive maintenance. These windows are resistant to rot and deformation, making them a reliable option in the varying Hawthorne weather. They also provide good insulation, helping in energy conservation and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

Clad-wood Awning Windows

Clad-wood awning windows from Hawthorne Windows and Doors blend the beauty of wood with the durability of external cladding. This cladding, made of aluminum or vinyl, shields the wood from weather elements, reducing maintenance needs. Inside, the wooden frame adds a classic charm to your space. These windows are highly energy-efficient, making them a smart choice for Hawthorne residents.

Steel Awning Windows

Steel awning windows are the epitome of strength and security. Crafted from robust steel, they offer unmatched durability and protection against harsh weather and potential intruders. These windows have a modern aesthetic and can be customized with various color options. Regular maintenance is required to prevent rust, but their security and durability benefits are unparalleled in the Hawthorne area.


Our Awning Window Services in Hawthorne, Florida

Hawthorne Windows and Doors is dedicated to providing superior awning window services in Hawthorne, FL. Our team, with its deep expertise and commitment to quality, ensures that whether you need windows for your home or business, we deliver solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Customized Awning Windows

Hawthorne Windows and Doors specializes in creating custom awning windows for our Hawthorne clients. We collaborate with you to select the ideal size, material, and style that aligns with your home's unique look and needs. Our custom windows elevate your home's aesthetic appeal and contribute to its overall value and functionality.

Awning Windows Replacement

Our replacement service for awning windows is focused on enhancing your home with modern, efficient windows. We handle the entire process, from safely removing old windows to installing new ones with precision. Upgrading your windows through our service improves your home's energy efficiency, security, and aesthetic appeal, making it a wise and beneficial choice for homeowners.

Awning Windows Installation

At Hawthorne Windows and Doors, we provide expert installation services for awning windows. Our experienced technicians ensure that your new windows are installed correctly, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity. Proper installation is crucial for the effectiveness of the windows, enhancing their functionality and energy efficiency.

Residential Awning Windows

We offer a range of residential awning windows suitable for any home in Hawthorne. These windows combine stylish design with practical functionality. They allow for improved ventilation and natural light while adding to the beauty of your home. Additionally, their energy-efficient features help in reducing heating and cooling expenses.

Commercial Awning Windows

Our commercial awning window solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses in Hawthorne. These windows are designed to be durable and secure, ideal for various commercial spaces such as offices, shops, and other business establishments. They add both aesthetic and functional value, making them a perfect choice for enhancing a commercial property.

Frequently Asked Questions About Awning Windows in Hawthorne

Awning windows are excellent for providing both ventilation and privacy, especially in areas like bathrooms or higher-wall locations. They can be opened from the bottom, allowing air to circulate while maintaining privacy. This is particularly beneficial in Hawthorne, where balancing ventilation with privacy in residential areas can be a challenge.

Awning windows are highly energy-efficient, making them ideal for Hawthorne’s climate. Their design creates a tight seal when closed, which minimizes air leakage and helps maintain a consistent indoor temperature. This reduces the strain on heating and cooling systems, leading to lower energy bills. Additionally, options like low-E glass can further enhance their energy-saving capabilities.

At Hawthorne Windows and Doors, we offer a range of customization options for awning windows to suit your home’s specific style. You can choose from various materials like vinyl, wood, or aluminum, each offering different looks and benefits. There are also choices in glass types and finishes, allowing you to match the windows to your home’s architectural style and color scheme.

Awning windows require relatively low maintenance, which is ideal for the Hawthorne lifestyle. Regular cleaning of the glass and frame is usually sufficient to keep them in good condition. It’s also important to check the hinges and locking mechanisms occasionally to ensure they’re working correctly. Unlike some other window styles, awning windows are easy to clean from the inside, making maintenance easier.

Yes, awning windows can be a good choice for hurricane-prone areas like Hawthorne. We offer awning windows with impact-resistant glass and reinforced frames that provide extra protection against strong winds and flying debris. While no window is entirely hurricane-proof, these features significantly enhance the window’s resilience in severe weather conditions.

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