Choosing Door Styles for Your Hawthorne FL Home

Door styles Hawthorne FL

Choosing the right door style for your Hawthorne FL home can make a big impact on its appearance and function. Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading your existing entryway, here are some important considerations:

Wood doors offer classic beauty and timeless appeal. They are available in various stains and paints to match different styles of homes.

Single Entry Doors

Suitable for a variety of home styles, single entry doors are a versatile choice that can be enhanced with custom transoms and sidelights to increase natural light. They can also be fitted with grilles, known as muntins, for a traditional aesthetic.

Wooden entry doors offer a classic look that complements many architectural designs, and they can be customized through staining and painting. They are durable and resilient, making them a popular choice for homes in North Central Florida’s humid climate.

Fiberglass entry doors are a smart alternative to wood, offering greater resilience against warping and shrinking. They are also energy-efficient and can be insulated with foam cores.

Double Entry Doors

Double entry doors accentuate a home’s entrance, creating a visually ample space that welcomes visitors with natural light. Combined with sidelights or a transom, this door style enhances aesthetics and allows homeowners to customize their entryway.

The Founders Collection pays tribute to classic styling with options like curved and arched details, true divided lite, and grilles positioned between the glass units, called muntins, that add design interest. Square top Miranda 4-Lite mahogany wood doors feature an engineered stile and rail construction crafted with a hardwood stave core for added stability and resistance to warping.

Fiberglass entry doors are well-suited for North Central Florida’s humid climate and resist sagging, shrinking, and warping. They also provide increased energy efficiency, with foam cores that insulate the door against heat and cold.

Bi-Fold Entry Doors

Bi-fold doors open by sliding along a track instead of swinging, optimizing space and enhancing a sleek aesthetic. They also allow natural light to flood into spaces without compromising on privacy.

Fiberglass entry doors are well-suited to Florida’s climate, providing resilience against warping, fading, and moisture. They come in a range of designs that work with traditional and contemporary home styles.

Energy-efficient glass in bi-fold doors limits how much UV and infrared light pass through to your interior. This helps keep rooms from becoming stifling in hot weather and uncomfortably cold in winter.

Dutch Entry Doors

Add a touch of farmhouse flair to your entryway with exterior Dutch doors. With a unique split functionality, these doors let homeowners open the top half for ventilation and light while keeping kids and critters out.

Battened and ledged doors are a classic choice for rustic cottage-style homes in Hawthorne and offer strength and durability. Their simple aesthetic offers versatility and works well with both traditional and modern designs.

Wood paneled entry doors offer a classic design that suits a variety of styles. They’re available with a range of glass options, including etched and tinted, to boost natural light while maintaining privacy. They’re also a great choice for energy efficiency, as they help to insulate your home.

French Entry Doors

French entry doors are characterized by their light build and extensive use of glass. They are usually fitted as a pair and complement both traditional and contemporary home designs. Their large windows can let in a lot of natural light and can be fitted with decorative grilles and moldings to enhance their aesthetic. However, they can be prone to water infiltration during heavy rains.

Fiberglass entry doors are resilient against the North Central Florida climate and offer increased energy efficiency. They also resist warping, fading, and denting. They’re available in a wide range of finishes and materials to match your home design. They can also be paired with side lites and transoms for an even more appealing entryway.

Sliding Entry Doors

Sliding doors slide along a track instead of opening and closing inside, taking up less space. They allow more natural light to enter a home and can save energy by reducing the need for artificial lighting. They also offer a strong level of protection against high winds and flying debris associated with hurricanes and other severe weather that frequently hits the southern coast of Florida.

Entry doors serve multiple purposes, including offering a deterrent against burglars and reflecting homeowner style preferences. Professionally installed doors are a powerful insulator and can reduce the need for heating and cooling, saving homeowners money on utility bills.