How Custom Windows Can Enhance Your Home

Custom windows can significantly enhance the beauty of a home or office. They can also reduce outside noise and improve energy efficiency. They are also available in a wide range of styles and colors.

The cost of a window depends on its frame, style and glass type. Vinyl and fiberglass frames are affordable and easy to maintain, while wood offers classic aesthetics.

Bow windows

A bow window is a wonderful choice for homeowners looking to expand their space and frame beautiful views. It combines multiple windows and offers a more rounded appearance than bay windows. This window can also include a seat board or decorative shelf for additional storage and display space.

A traditional bow window consists of three to six window panes that angle together for a curved appearance. It is a versatile option that can be used in a number of different spaces, including kitchens and living rooms. It is available in a variety of grid styles, including the ‘prairie’ and ’two over one’ options, which combine small panes around the edges with a larger center window.

A bay or bow window can be inserted into existing homes with a retrofit installation, or installed in new construction. The installation process involves working with a structural engineer and may require special framing requirements. These windows are available in wood, fiberglass and vinyl products for design flexibility and energy efficiency.

Prairie grid

When it comes to defining the look of your home, window grids can add a lot of personality. Whether your project is a new build or renovation, there are many options to choose from. Some homeowners’ associations require their windows to meet specific aesthetic requirements, so it is important to know what options are available before making a decision.

Prairie grids are a popular choice for homes that want to embrace the farmhouse style trend. They offer a large expanse of glass in the center and subtle grids that frame it. This style is especially attractive for homes with beautiful landscaping or a great view.

This grid style is also a good choice for ranch and rambler houses, as it showcases the modern trend toward asymmetrical styles and straight lines. The asymmetrical design leaves more of the glass unobstructed, which can help your space feel larger and brighter. Some homeowners choose a “three over one” pattern with three smaller panes above a larger pane, while others prefer a more decorative diamond grid.

Colonial grid

A classic choice for Colonial homes, this style features a grid pattern that divides larger glass panes into smaller squares or rectangles. This design creates the illusion of separate window panes and adds a traditional aesthetic to your home. Traditionally, window grids were used to secure individual glass panes together, but now they are purely decorative. Also known as muntins or grilles, they come in a variety of styles and sizes and can be added to single or double-hung windows, picture windows and casement windows.

Prairie grids are another option for homeowners who prefer a more modern aesthetic. These grid styles offer a balance of artistic design and clear views, making them an excellent choice for Hawthorne homes that want a timeless look.

Awning windows are ideal for Florida homes because they allow you to enjoy your outdoor landscape without sacrificing your privacy. These windows hinge at the top and open outward, allowing you to ventilate even during rain. They also make a beautiful accent piece for traditional homes and Craftsman bungalows.

Diamond grid

Window grids offer homeowners a chance to add character and a unique aesthetic to their home. There are many options available to homeowners and some grid patterns work better with certain architectural styles than others. Window professionals can advise homeowners on their choices and help them envision how the new windows will look in their homes before making a decision.

Colonial grids are popular among homeowners seeking a classic and traditional aesthetic. These grid patterns often split the windowpane into evenly spaced, small panes of glass. They are best suited for homes in Hawthorne that want to maintain a historical or classic aesthetic.

Single hung windows are easy to clean and provide excellent ventilation options. They also come in a variety of grid patterns, including simulated divided lites. While simulated divided lites lack the appearance of individual panes of glass, they are just as functional. This option is ideal for homeowners who want to increase the energy efficiency of their home without changing the current frame size or style.