Energy-Efficient Windows Hawthorne FL

Energy-efficient windows Hawthorne FL can lower home cooling costs and prevent summertime heat from draining your HVAC system. Look for features like argon gas-filled spaces, Low-E glass coatings and Energy Star certifications.

You can find good-quality energy efficient options locally from Andersen, Pella and Jeld Wen. They offer single and double hung windows that are hinged from the side for ventilation.

Low-E Glass

This innovative glass coating acts like the silver lining inside of a thermos, reflecting heat instead of letting it penetrate. This keeps the interior of your home cool during summer and reduces energy costs (7).

In addition, this coating prevents UV rays from entering your home. This is important because these rays can cause sunburn and fade carpeting and furnishings over time (8).

During your window installation project, look for companies that offer products with this innovative glass technology. This will help you find the right options for your climate and project needs. Additionally, look for a company that uses the Warm Edge Spacer System. This is a better option than aluminum spacers, which can lead to condensation and sealant failure. The Warm Edge Spacer System allows the frame to flex with temperature changes, further reducing air leakage and improving insulating performance (8).

Argon Gas-Filled Spaces

Argon is an inert gas that can be pumped between double or triple-pane windows to boost insulation and energy efficiency. It has a lower thermal conductivity than air and reduces heat loss through windows by up to 67 percent.

The benefit of using argon is that it’s non-toxic and odorless, making it a safe choice for use in homes. Even if the windows seals fail and argon seeps out, it won’t harm household residents or furniture because it quickly disperses in well-ventilated areas.

In addition to argon, homeowners can also opt for Krypton gas-filled windows. The density of this alternative is superior to that of argon, which makes it ideal for insulating windows in colder climates.

Window installation contractors like Milgard offer a variety of ENERGY STAR qualified options for both residential and commercial properties in Hawthorne. Their grid styles include ‘three over one’ and ‘two over one,’ which consist of two smaller panes above a larger one. These frames come in a range of colors and sizes to suit any aesthetic.


Windows play several vital roles in the home, from ventilation (allowing air to pass through during good weather) to reducing energy costs in winter and summer. They allow natural light into living spaces and keep intruders out when closed. They also contribute to the overall appearance of the house.

A window installation expert in Hawthorne FL can help you make an informed decision regarding your new windows, based on their design and functionality. They will know the specific challenges of the local climate and can recommend doors that are designed to withstand these conditions. They will also be familiar with the security concerns of your community and can provide personalized solutions.

Energy-efficient features like Low-E glass, argon gas-filled spaces, and weatherstripping are vital in a subtropical climate such as Hawthorne’s. Window installation services will also offer a variety of warranty options that can add to the longevity and value of your new home or commercial property.

Energy Star Certification

For more than a decade, the ENERGY STAR label has been a trusted mark of energy efficiency. This program is run by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and recognizes high levels of energy efficiency in products, buildings, and commercial construction.

To earn the ENERGY STAR label, products must meet specific specifications in different categories, including appliances, electronics, lighting, heating and cooling, and commercial building products. Additionally, buildings must earn a score of 75 or better to receive the certification.

To achieve a 75 rating, a building must undergo an extensive evaluation by the EPA. This process involves submitting data on a building’s energy consumption and reporting on the energy-related characteristics of the property. The information is verified by a Professional Engineer before the building is certified. This helps ensure that the building is rated accurately and provides the highest level of energy efficiency. It also ensures that any energy savings can be accounted for and tracked over time.