Choosing Front Entry Doors For Your Home

Front entry doors Hawthorne FL

Choosing the right front doors can boost your home’s curb appeal and value. In addition, an impact-rated door meets Florida’s strict building codes and complies with insurance discounts.

Energy-efficient fiberglass entry doors are insulated to resist heat and cold transfer. Choose a style with sidelights or transoms to allow more natural light in the entryway and blinds-between-glass for privacy.


Fiberglass front doors are incredibly durable and offer homeowners an excellent return on investment. They’re also easier to maintain than steel or wood.

They’re a good choice for modern or traditional homes. Their smooth surfaces can be factory-finished with an opaque color or primed for custom painting. If you opt for a textured surface, add iron strap hinges and a speakeasy-style window grille to create a rustic appearance.

Made from the same reinforced glass fiber material used to craft airplanes, surfboards and Corvettes, fiberglass is a versatile composite that’s also found in windows, bathtubs, curtains and roofing materials. Its insulating properties make it popular in residential applications, too. Therma-Tru’s fiberglass door construction consists of compression-molded skins bonded to an inner core of rigid foam insulation. Stiles and rails are inch-thick laminated veneer lumber capped with composite for rot resistance. A three-point locking system and behind-the-jam metal brackets provide security.


When it comes to security, a steel front door is one of the best options on the market. They provide excellent protection from break-ins and are very durable against harsh weather conditions like snow and freezing rain.

They are also energy efficient and feature a rot-resistant frame. Unlike wood, they do not absorb moisture which prevents warping over time. They showcase a sleek appearance that boosts curb appeal season after season.

A key factor of energy efficiency is the insulated foam that is filled into every steel door using a computer driven process to maximize insulation. This, along with thermal adhesives and seals, ensures your home stays warm or cool as desired while saving money on your monthly utility bills. These doors are incredibly sturdy and can be customized with a variety of panel and glass designs, as well as sidelights and transoms. They can also be built as outswinging or inswinging models. They also come with a wide array of finishing options to complement your home’s aesthetic, including color, hardware and decorative flourishes.


Modern vinyl home doors are built to resemble wood, and can even include raised moldings that simulate real trim panels. These are embedded into the door instead of being separate glued or nailed pieces that can fall off over time.

The material can tolerate high heat, and resists the capillary action of water that makes wood swell and rot. It is also extremely durable, and does not require regular sanding and painting.

Vinyl front doors are a good choice for homes that will be exposed to constant sun exposure. They have the ability to endure the sun’s UV rays, unlike steel and wooden doors that will become discolored over time.

These doors are available with sidelights and transoms to fill an entryway with natural light, bringing a sense of openness to the home. To maintain privacy, they can also be fitted with textured obscure glass or decorative patterns. They can also be fitted with blinds between the glass, allowing them to be opened or closed as needed.


Wood front doors offer a classic, elegant look that complements almost any home style. Double wooden doors with glass give a heightened sense of grace to an entryway and allow more light to filter into the interior space. Wooden front doors with sidelights or transom windows can also create a dramatic statement for a foyer that can really draw the eye and impress guests and visitors.

Oak front doors are renowned for their distinct, beautiful grain. This dense wood is very strong and sturdy, providing a solid structure for your entrance door that will stand the test of time. Oak is also a renewable resource and supports eco-friendliness, offering an environmentally conscious choice for homeowners who value sustainability.

To keep your wooden doors looking their best, regularly re-stain them to maintain a protective seal against dirt, wind, and moisture. Use mineral spirits on a clean cloth to wipe away any build-up or staining, applying the cleaner in the direction of the wood grain.