Casement Windows in Hawthorne FL

Casement windows Hawthorne FL

New casement windows allow homeowners to enjoy expansive views, ample natural light and full ventilation. Their weather-resistant design delivers superior energy efficiency which helps reduce home heating and cooling costs.

Today’s window companies work to provide dependable windows at affordable prices. They offer an array of options designed to meet the needs of all homeowners.

Superior Energy Efficiency

While most other window types only allow for a portion of the window to open, casement windows hinge on the side and operate using a crank that opens the window outward. This allows for superior ventilation compared to other window types.

Additionally, they also seal tight to minimize air leakage and reduce noise. Combined with low emittance coatings, they provide unparalleled energy efficiency, making them a great choice for homes in hot or cold climates.

Another bonus is that these windows are easy to clean. They do not have muntins or grilles, which makes it easier to get into hard-to-reach areas, like above kitchen sinks. One disadvantage is that they can obstruct passing foot traffic when opened, but this is easily mitigated by installing them near walkways.

Easy to Operate

If you’re looking for a way to improve airflow in hard-to-reach areas like over kitchen sinks, casement windows are the perfect solution. They’re hinged on the side and open outward with a crank to provide full ventilation.

They can easily be opened and closed to let in fresh air, and their tight seal helps reduce drafts and noise from outside. In addition, they don’t have grilles or muntins and allow for a completely unobstructed view.

However, since they do have to be opened manually they may require more maintenance than other window types. Also, because they open outward, they may obstruct walkways when fully open and be vulnerable to wind damage. This is usually a minor issue, though. Other than that, they’re a great choice for improving ventilation in your home.


Casement windows are a great fit for hard-to-reach spaces such as above kitchen sinks and in finished basements. The hinged sides and crank system make it easy for homeowners to open them. They also provide expansive views, ample natural light and full ventilation.

These windows are a true energy saver thanks to new technologies. The use of double pane windows with argon gas in between the glass panes and a low-e coating, makes them a great insulator, reducing energy bills in winter and summer.

Aesthetically, they look sleek and elegant and blend well with a variety of home styles such as prairie, tudor or ranch. They also don’t require muntins or grilles to support them, so they offer a clean appearance. They also open wide so they can easily be cleaned from the inside without the need to reach up high.


As they are hinged at the sides and operated with a crank, casement windows offer excellent ventilation. Unlike sliding and double-hung windows, they open completely outward to allow more air flow. This allows them to be installed in hard-to-reach areas like over a kitchen sink or in a narrow space.

They also offer a clear view and don’t have muntons or grilles that block your view. This makes them ideal for homes with scenic views that you want to enjoy.

Another advantage is that they’re highly durable and can resist harsh weather conditions. Their tight seal helps to reduce air leakage and lower energy bills. In addition, they’re easy to clean. This makes them an excellent choice for homes with children and pets. They’re also affordable for most homeowners, which is a big benefit.